About three months ago I joined DS Domination. At the time, I was not in a very good place physically or financially. You see, on August 10, 2012 a disc slipped out of place in my lower spine and caused some major problems for me. From then until now, I have spent a total of about 5 months of time literally on my back. The longest period lasted for about six weeks straight. Now, I am a health care professional. My work requires that I sit for most of my day with intermittent periods of standing and walking. When my back was out I couldn’t sit, stand or walk so I was not able to work and since I am self -employed, there was no sick time with pay… there was just no pay.


Before my last relapse, I was introduced to DS Domination, but I didn’t pay attention. I thought it was “just another work from home opportunity/scam”, so I basically ignored it. Then disaster struck and my back went out again. I was on the floor, literally. It was just about a week before Christmas and my parents had come to visit for the holidays. My mom ended up caring for me (thank God for mothers) and I remained on the floor, unable to move without excruciating pain, feeling sorry for myself. I was in a bad way when I got a phone call the day after Christmas, but this time I took notice.

I watched a video that showed me everything I needed to know about DS Domination. It took less than ten minutes for me and then I dismissed it. I thought that the process didn’t seem “right” to me. I had an issue with selling something for a higher price than I’d bought it for. Now you might think that I am crazy, but that’s REALLY how I felt at the time. I don’t know WHY I felt that way, but I had some kind of self-righteousness going on and for an entire week the thoughts plagued me. Something just was not right. But it wasn’t the process… no… it was MY THINKING!!! I had an epiphany when I thought about all of the visits to the grocery store that I’d made in my lifetime. I thought, now wait just a minute! The stores sell me things for a higher price than THEY buy it for!!

I began to think about how items are priced and what “value” really means. For example, the value of a bottle of water is not fixed. It changes depending on your circumstance. If I have the time to plan and shop at a warehouse, I can buy my bottles of water a case at a time and pay less than twenty cents per bottle. If I’m out shopping and want a bottle of cold water, then it seems reasonable to pay about a dollar when I take a bottle from the refrigerated section of the store. I guiltily will admit that there have been times in the past that I was rushing somewhere and I was thirsty and for the sake of convenience, I bought a bottle of water at a fast food drive thru for about two bucks! And bottled water at a sit down restaurant is ridiculous, but people still pay for it. Why? In the moment when you or I want a bottle of water, we determine what it’s worth and how much we are willing to pay, given our circumstances.

So, I let go of my erroneous thoughts and took another look at DS Domination. This time I began to get excited. What if this really did work??? And so I joined for a measly $19.95 and in less than two weeks I made my first sale ever online and generated money literally out of thin air (your results may vary… my sister sold her first item in less than 24 HOURS). I followed the simple copy, paste and follow instructions method that was provided and that’s all she wrote! I HAD to tell my mom about this. I HAD to tell my sister about this. Even though this business doesn’t require you to recruit anyone and even though this business does not require that you be a part of the affiliate/multi-level compensation program, I still felt that I HAD to tell my family. It would have been insane for me to forfeit the affiliate benefits just for sharing the business, so I paid $9.95 to become an affiliate and started telling people about what I was doing.

My mom joined me first and then my sister joined. I told another close friend of mine who also joined me in DS Domination! At that point my costs were completely covered due to the phenomenal compensation plan that affiliates are able to benefit from and I was in profit! I haven’t REALLY recruited anyone. I just feel compelled to share this opportunity with everyone. There are so many people struggling needlessly when something like DS Domination is available. The opportunity is real and the value is high even though the price point is so very low (twenty dollars can barely feed a family of four at a fast food restaurant). I’ve simply been posting on my Facebook wall and sharing the opportunity. As a result the people I’ve shared with are sharing with others and my team is growing.

I’ve made well over $2000 now and I was able to do that in less than 3 months. My income is continuing to grow as well as my team. I can’t begin to tell you how awesome it is to know that I have a way to generate an income regardless of my physical state. I truly pray that I never have to experience incapacitating pain again. Being on my back and having my finances reach a critical point positioned me to take a look at DS Domination. For that, I will be forever grateful. My setback was definitely a setup for my success!

You can do this too! No recruiting. No selling. No traffic generation. No home parties. No hotel meetings. No network marketing required. No stocking products in your garage or basement. No packing supplies. No trips to the post office. This is done 100% online.

It works if you work it.

Del Edwards

ps… to check out a recording of a live webinar that I watched which explained everything I needed to know  CLICK HERE.


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Life comes at you fast… and leaves in a flash. I recognize that two months have passed since I last posted on this site. I’m not looking for sympathy here, but I’m just trying to share what I have learned over the last two months. In order for you to understand my lessons, you’ll need a little of my history.

I left home to go off to college when I was just 16 years old. I’m very close to my immediate family, but finding time to get together when we live in four different states is difficult. I settled comfortably in Ohio and I’ve been here for over two decades now and while here I was fortunate to fit in and become a part of a family that attends my church. I refer to them as my adopted family. I call the elderly parents “mom” and “dad” and refer to their children as my “brothers” and “sisters”. Their grand kids call me “Auntie Del”. This is in no way a slight to my own parents and siblings. As a matter of fact, last Thanksgiving was at my house and ALL of my family was able to spend it together. We all get along really well.

I posted my most recent blog about two months prior to this one. The day after I posted it, my adopted dad went into the hospital for open heart surgery. Things didn’t go well and he remained hospitalized for two months and then he died. The funeral occurred a week later. I will miss him terribly.

What I learned is that family is and will ALWAYS be my FIRST priority — NO MATTER WHAT. I learned that the reason that I am doing what I am doing in this online network marketing industry is because I want REAL FREEDOM. Many of my spare moments were spent visiting with him, praying for him, reading to him and occasionally taking my adopted mom to spend time with him when the other children needed a break. She was by his bedside DAILY.

What I’ve learned is that working for myself means that I can take the time off to attend to my family’s needs when I have to without worrying about a boss threatening me or intimidating me about the loss of a J-O-B. I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to stop working on your future and embrace what you have right NOW. I’ve learned that to focus on the reason for the work, to focus on the WHY, allows me to put the work away when it’s necessary. I wasn’t able to function while he was in a state of limbo in the hospital. I felt guilty that I wasn’t completing my daily method of operation. But that was how I felt BEFORE he died. We had JUST made arrangements for him to be transferred to a long-term care facility because he was “stable”. But that never happened.

NOW I’m glad that I put aside some of my work and spent those times that I could with him and with the family. I didn’t know that the last time I saw him would be the last time, but I’m grateful for the time I was granted.

My perspective now is to continue doing whatever it is that I need to do in order to have REAL FREEDOM. I hope that your why is big enough to keep you pressing toward your goal. Never give up!

Del Edwards

ps… if you need help as you work towards your goal,  join me on Monday nights at 8 EST for LIVE hangout by CLICKING HERE. Or watch a recording of the hangout any time by CLICKING HERE.



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